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I've been incredibly lucky to have had the opprotunity to work with some amazing people and talent over the years. Work hard. Be honest. Be humble. Be friendly. And most importantly, be yourself.
Denny BlackwellDenny Blackwell

“Denny, don’t expect to get a job in the real world designing for rock bands and bikers. Those jobs do not exist, and if they do, you can’t make a living doing so.”


That was a quote from one of my college instructors during my last semester of school. Shortly after I graduated, I realized my instructor was wrong. I worked my ass off and landed a job in the music industry, working for rock bands. My second job was for Harley-Davidson, designing for bikers. Both of which, I currently still design for on a freelance basis.

Moral of this short story: I got a real job and made a real living designing for rock bands and bikers. I’ve met some of the coolest people over the years and have made some of the best friends I still have today. My work gives me reasons to travel to Chicago, L.A. and NYC.

Don’t let anyone tell you what you can and cannot do with your life. Stay focused. Stay true.

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